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Hiking path Stevns Klint Stomping Trail

Trampestien on Stevns extends 22 km from Bøgeskov Harbour in the north to the port town of Rødvig in the south.

At many places along the route you walk on a path that is right along the steep edge of the cliffs. You are literally walking atop historical tales, both the dinosaur extinction 66 million years ago that made Stevns Klint a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a Cold War tale of Stevns Fort, which was an important part of the Danish defence system during those years. 

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Would you rather get a physical brochure? You can find the brochure in holders at several places along the route.

Take good care of the Cliff

The Stevns Klint Trampesti runs over several private fields and plots. Therefore, always follow the landowners' instructions and show consideration for the other users of the path.

Dogs are always welcome on the route, but remember to keep them on a leash and pick up their waste.

Bicycles wear on nature more than hiking boots do - therefore, cycling is not allowed on the Stevns Klint Trampesti. However, you can still enjoy the beautiful nature of Stevns and park your bike at several places along the cliff.

Highlights of the Route

Stevns Klint Trampesti offers more than just beautiful nature. Visit some of the most popular attractions and viewpoints along the route:

Bøgeskov Harbour
Holtug Chalk Quarry
Mandehoved Flagbanke
Stevns Lighthouse
Højerup Old Church
Stevnsfort Cold War Museum
Boesdal Limestone Quarry
Rødvig Town