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The Heart Path in Juelsminde

Experience the holiday village Juelsminde on this waymarked hiking route that takes you through the centre, along the coast, and through forest. The distance is manageable but can be split into two loops – the nature loop and the town loop.

Explore Denmark’s cosiest port town on foot

Juelsminde offers so much more than its famous, lively marina that attracts many people whenever the sun is shining. This hiking route will take you to much of what Juelsminde has to offer. The route is a 5,5-kilometre roundtrip. You can cut corners on the street Ringvejen and walk only one of the two loops. Are you in the mood for a stroll through the centre and the coast or the peaceful local nature?


Experiences on the route

If you choose to start at the harbour you can walk around, seeing the shops and the restaurants, and feeling the atmosphere. From here you can follow the coast past the old ferry landing and on to Sandbjerg Vig Beach. From here, you will leave the coast and head through Tofteskoven Forest. This part of the route not suitable during the winter half-year as it can get quite wet. The forest is quite peaceful, and you will pass the local mountain bike trail, Hotel Juelsminde Strand and the biggest playground in this region of Denmark, Juelsminde Nature Play Park.

You will continue through town past the swan pond and through the shopping street Odelsgade.


Follow the route on a digital map

The route is waymarked – there are a few places on the route where the poles are missing. You can also follow the route via a digital map on your smartphone. Follow this link to open the digital map (Google Maps).


Are you not done walking yet?

Back at the harbour you can relax with a nice meal or maybe a cold ice-cream. If you prefer longer hikes than 5,5 kilometres, we recommend adding the hike til the tip of the peninsula Bjørnsknude. This hike starts at the harbour and is 5-6 kilometres long.

If you bring children on your hike, we recommend the Juelsminde Treasure Hunt. If you manage to answer all the questions about what you see on the way, you can have a free gold medal.

If you like long hikes, you can start the popular 22,5-kilometre-long Coastal Path Snaptun-Juelsminde at the harbour.


About heart paths

Heart paths are waymarked hiking routes that make it easy for you to get exercise on busy workdays. The heart paths are typically found in cities where people live. The paths are located all over Denmark. The nearest ones are in Hedensted, Horsens, and Tørring.