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Havervadgård - Organic farming - Skærbæk

Havervadgård is originally an old marsh farm that can be traced back to the 1000s. The farm is located in a scenic area with the marsh and the Wadden Sea as the nearest neighbor. The farm has been run organically since 1995. Here organic lambs are bred for slaughter - and livestock, in addition to breeding organic free-range pigs and stud production. Furthermore, the farm's dairy cows supply organic milk.


Wadden Sea mud - Marsh mud

In our areas in the marsh and along the dike, the ewes and their lambs graze. Here there is room for unfolding on the flat areas where the animals live off the special vegetation that the marsh and the Wadden Sea offer.


Milk production

The farm's dairy cattle herd delivers fresh organic milk daily, which is picked up every morning and brought to the dairy, from where the milk is delivered to the Danish supermarkets.


Free-range pigs

The pigs are free-ranging, and have the option of shelter and dry rent in the pig huts. The pigs enjoy being able to rummage in the ground and to be able to lie in the mud bath when the heat bothers them.


Wool products

You can buy yarn keys, shawls and sweaters in special patterns, e.g. the shepherd's sweater or river and ebb, all of which have their origins in the Wadden Sea area.