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Lesser crowded diving gem with exciting reefs. Suitable for intermediate level divers.
Very large rocks further out with some sea life. You can often find shelter from the often strong tide in Lillebælt.

How to find: Drive along road 161 between Snoghøj and Kolding towards Kolding. Turn left at Brørup Skovvej. This road changes name to Hagenørvej. Now follow Hagenørvej all the way down towards the water. A couple of the houses near the water prefer no visitors, so park at the parking space and walk the last 200 Metres down towards the water (You may unload your equipment at the beach).

Longitude: 9.6577729245
Latitude: 55.517683492

Google Earth Coordinates:
Latitude: 55°31'4.65"N
Longtitude: 9°39'29.28"Ø

Getting in and up the water: Outside the small turning space at the beach. The best place for entering the water – go right at the beach and enter the water at the reef.
Highlights: Sea life at the stone reef. Suitable for snorkeling.
Air filling station: You can get your airbottle refilled at Hindsgavl Camping in Middelfart (open all year round) during opening times: Hindsgavl Camping. Alternatively ask the local diving society in Middelfart, Tel.: +45 3311 1323, Dykkerklubben Marsvinet
Best season: Summer months
Dangerous areas: Avoid getting too far out in the belt and please mark visibly with A-flags. Sailing close to the beach all year round.
Depth: 0-12 Metres
Tide: Can be strong further out in the belt, but seldom at the reef.
Level of difficulty (1-5): 2
Permissions: None
Facilities: None
Photo opportunities: Good opportunities for macro


You will find the small diving pearl Hagenør a few Kilometres north of the entrance to Kolding Fjord. Here you can often find shelter if there is strong tide in Lillebælt. Hagenør most frequently visited by local divers.

There will not be deep as fast as on the Funen side of Lillebælt, which means that there rarely is such a powerful tide here. If there is too much tidal power everywhere else in Lillebælt, Hagenør is the site. It looks like a seemingly ordinary piece of the Danish coast, but under the surface you will experience a small reef that extends into Lillebælt.

You can park 200 Metres from the beach, but may nevertheless load off your equipment at the beach. The dive begins by entering the water 30 Metres south of the jetty, where you can discern the reef.

The seabed slopes down slightly all the way down to 10-12 Metres, but be aware that the tide becomes stronger, the further out you get in the belt.
The reef gradually changes character the further out you come. It becomes wider and the rocks will be significantly larger. It turns slightly towards the south, but if you keep close to the reef, it is very easy to navigate. At the end of the reef you will find very large rocks which can easily hide a diver.
The many, very large rocks mean that there is almost always shelter from the tide at the reef, although there may be tide in the belt.

You usually find the fish on the upstream side of the rocks and this allows you to sneak up on them and observe them. Especially in the summer you will find much sea life and at the largest rocks you can encounter large cod, at all times of the day. Hagenør a great dive all year round, but after periods of strong winds or strong tide, the visibility is poor. Please remember to take the local residents into account when you move around as a diver in the area.