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H. C. Ørsted Udstilling

 It is possible to carry out various experiments with electromagnetism. 

The Discoverer of Electromagnetism

H.C.Ørsted  (1777 - 1851) is one of the most famous citizen of Rudkøbing. He was the son of the pharmacist and grew up at Gåsetorvet. In front of the present day pharmacy, you will find a statue of H.C. Ørsted by H.V. Bissen.  At the age of 12, H.C. Ørsted was apprenticed into his father’s apothecary and when he was 17 he moved to Copenhagen to study. In 1806, he became a professor at Copenhagen University and in 1820 discovered electromagnetism. 5 years later he also succeeded in developing a method of extracting aluminium. The H. C. Ørstedcompany has an excellent small exhibition describes H.C.Ørsted, his life, family and discoveries, where it is also possible to carry out various experiments with electromagnetism. A poster informs us that H.C.Ørsted invented more than 2000 new Danish words, for instance: 'ilt' (oxygen), 'autoritetstro' (respect for authority), and 'gnidningsmodstand' (friction).