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Guided Historical Pub Crawl

Join a guided Historical Pub Crawl to the town’s old court yards and historic houses, where spirits are tasted.

Experience Nyborg on a historical pub crawl
In Nyborg you can join a guided Historical Pub Crawl to the town’s old court yards and historic houses, where beer and spirits are tasted, but in return the tour is spiced up with lots of exciting and fun stories. To slow the effects of the fluid intake some royal Danish tapas is served at one of the tour stops. At the Historical Pub Crawl everyone are invited to indulge, while emerging themselves into the local history. As a participant, you visit places where the general public normally does not have access to. The mood at the end of the tour certainly leaves nothing to the Renaissance wine control - at least not if you get a taste of it all. Quite the contrary, it is also serious storytelling. You experience the town’s farms and history in a new way and with other, but no less authentic tales. Of course, you also get to learn much more about the beverages.

Add on
It is possible to cut down or increase the number of tour stops. It is also possible to start with A Royal Lunch at the first tour stop made of local produce based on inspiration from our local history.

Fun fact
One of the special privileges of the City Council during the Renaissance was the monopoly on the wine trade. However, there were also special duties, such as once a month going to each other’s wine cellars and checking the quality of the wine.

Special operating notes
Please wear comfortable shoes and remember clothes according to the weather. Along the way, you will taste 8 beverages, distributed on four local beers and 4 ’sidecars’ all with a history. At tour start you will be provided with a medieval-inspired beer mug, that you are to bring with you to all the tour stops of the Historical Pub Crawl.


  • Length of tour about 1.5 km.
  • Duration: 2 hours depending on add-ons.
  • Guided tour: Yes
  • Headsets: None

Time table for cruises

  • 00.00 – 00.15: Departure from cruise pier by bus
  • 00.15 – 01.45: Guided Tour and tasting
  • 01.45 – 02.00: Arrival at cruise pier by bus

Add-on Nyborg Distillery: additional time for lunch/dinner.