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GrønThy - A sustainable vegetable farm

GrønThy is a green vegetable farm with a focus on healthy, tasty quality vegetables.

Quality of life is a keyword in the everyday life of the vegetable farm, which consists of cultivating about 17 hectares of land with unsprayed vegetables - this is done with as few and small machines as possible, and with hoe, rake, and hands.

The heart of the farm beats for their green produce, as well as for people who, for one reason or another, do not fit into the ordinary boxes. Here, GrønThy has created a workplace where everyone is important - a place where building up happens and where everyone has a share and responsibility for each other. And for the greens that come out in reality (maybe also on your plate).

GrønThy's task is to give more than is taken. GrønThy loves wilderness, loves biodiversity and sustainability. GrønThy loves to take care of our Earth and take care of each other.