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Gram Slot koncerter

Events in beautiful surroundings!

At Gram Castle they have some lovely venues for concerts and other events, both small, intimate concerts or large outdoor concerts with room for thousands of people.

Here, you can experience everything form the great Southern Jutland Cakes and Coffee buffet, summer market on Thursdays in weeks 27-32 and exciting lectures to concerts in many different musical genres. Gram Castle is not afraid of booking alternative artists or niche-concerts; on the contrary, there should be something for everyone. Here you can experience everything from opera and classical harmonies to rock, pop, 80s hits and "dansktop".

Often you can combine your ticket to an event or a concert with dining before the show, usually either a light menu or a full buffet.

If you do not want to drive home after the concert, you can book a room at Gram Castle. Call Gram Castle at Tlf. +45 74 82 00 40 to hear more about that option.

You can see an overview of upcoming events and concerts at Gram Castle here.