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GEjSER (herningCentret)

GEjSER has e-cigarette stores across the country. In the stores, our always professional staff are ready to assist and guide you with their expert knowledge of e-cigarettes.

GEjSER's story began back in 2011 as a modest sole proprietorship at Aarhus Harbor. Today, as Denmark's largest e-cigarette retailer nationwide, it offers the best in e-cigarettes and accessories. At GEjSER in HerningCentret, you can expect to receive the complete service experience, whether you are new or experienced in the world of vaping. GEjSER's experienced employees are specialists in e-cigarettes and are always ready to provide professional advice. GEjSER never compromises on quality and only collaborates with the most reliable manufacturers to ensure their customers receive the best products at reasonable prices.