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The garden at Gammel Estrup

In 2003, the fine baroque garden, built centuries ago by Old Estrup's main building, was rebuilt.

The Garden

The natural center of the harbor is the two white orangeries, which have been the wintering place for the delicate southern plants that in the 1700s were so popular in the upper class. Orangeries are used today for concerts and other cultural activities in the summer, while in winter they still serve as protection for the sea's delicate growths.

The garden appears today in two sections separated by the orangeries. The front part is a baroque symmetrical plant with a fountain in the middle. This part gives an impression of the civilized garden whose ultimate purpose was that the gentleman should be able to walk in the garden. The back part of the garden originally consisted of a system of alleys as well as a bouquet have. This part of the garden is also renovated and in the spring months, a wealth of beautiful bulbs are flourishing here.

One of Denmark's best-preserved Renaissance heroes

Beautifully located on the hilly Djursland is Old Estrup. Enjoy the magnificent boutiques where the nobility danced and feasted and discovered in the elegant gems and simple rooms where the genus Scheel and their servants lived their private lives for 600 years. Go for a walk in the beautiful Baroque garden with carp pond and orangeries while the kids try the new big playground. Year-round activities for the whole family include concerts, historical children's activities, the 1700s, and Christmas preparations.

In 1930, Old Estrup was established as a museum, and today it appears as a unique example of the Danish manor houses and the life that was lived among rulers and servants. The museum is an interior museum. That is, rooms, hallways, and boutiques are decorated as authentically as possible so that visitors can get the best impression of daily life in the manor house.
Each year there are also changing exhibitions, historical activities in all school holidays and 1700s, All Saints' Eve and Christmas at the manor house.

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