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Gallery Emmaus

Gallery Emmaus
Gallery Emmaus is centrally located in Haslev and is housed in the beautiful main building from the 1920s, who previously served as high school. The buildings are surrounded by a large park, apple orchard and plenty of parking.

Modern and classical art
Gallery Emmaus sells contemporary and classical art. We specialize in art that expresses values. From nature to the big existential questions. Gallery Emmaus has more than 30 renowned artists associated, and  every year guest exhibitors. The styles vary from abstract of approximate figuratively almost photographic expression. It exhibited and sold paintings, both oil, acrylic and watercolor, lithographic prints and drawings and sculptures in stoneware, glass and bronze.

Crafts shop
In the gallery is an exciting shop with posters and art cards, crafts, bags, scarves, creative jewelry etc.

Church Art
As a natural extension of that we are dealing with existential questions, Gallery Emmaus also a center of religious art. In a separate department is a permanent exhibition of church art with works by around 20 renowned artists.

Gallery Emmaus is a popular destination. Companies and groups can book guided tour, lunch or coffee throughout the year. You can also bring your own food and drink and enjoy it inside or out.

Welcome in Gallery Emmaus.