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Gaardbageren - self-service shop

Gaardbageren's pick up shop is of the highest quality. Handmade quality from Danish ingredients from Wednesday to Sunday, even outside the shop's opening hours.

At Gaardbageren you can enjoy our convenient door-to-door sales, available from Wednesday to Saturday. Gaardbageren's door-to-door sales allow you to self-service, where you can choose and buy bread without having to wait for service. We present a wide selection of tempting, freshly baked bread, delicious cookies, fresh cakes, beautiful gift baskets, tasty sandwiches and refreshing drinks.

In addition, Gaardbageren also sells leftovers from previous opening days at reduced prices to minimise food waste. Please note that the leftover products have different prices. Whatever your preferences and budget, there will be something for every taste and budget when you visit Gaardbageren's door-to-door sales.