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Forest House Corselitze

Come and visit the Forest House Corselitze at Corselitze Manor and get inspiration for walks in the forest and the many cultural and historical gems in the area. The info centre is open all year round!

The info centre is part of Skovens Hus Corselitze, which also includes Skovbrugsmagasinet and Corselitze Manor Garden.

In the info centre, you'll get an introduction to the role of the forest in the green transition and information about the area's many attractions. There are tables and chairs so you can sit down for lunch or take shelter if the weather is unfavourable. You are also welcome to take a walk in the beautiful manor house garden, which is right next door.

Both the Infocentre and the manor garden are open all year round between 9-18.


The Forestry Warehouse, located opposite the Infocentre, houses a unique collection of forestry tools that tell the story of the forest and the people who have worked there for generations. The collection is exhibited in the listed horse stable from 1780, where you can also experience the authentic cultural environment and see how the workers at the manor lived.

The Forestry Warehouse is open to the public twice a year, on Forest Day in March and Nature Day in September - see the website and social media for more information about activities and the possibility of booking guided tours.