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Femø Museum

Get a fun and different introduction to Femø by visiting Femø Museum, where everything, small and big, from the island is gathered in a little museum.

Femø Museum is the islanders' very own museum with all kinds of interesting and fun things from Femø through the ages.

The museum has old artefacts from various professions, kitchen utensils, a large stone collection, stuffed animals and much more. The entire collection comes from Femø or has belonged to Femø residents and has been donated to the museum. If there's something you don't know what is, you can ask - and maybe get a good story at the same time.

Opening hours are not fixed, so take the chance and drop by. Opening hours are posted on the board and there is usually a regular opening day during the school summer holidays, from late June to early August.

If you want to make sure the museum is open, contact them before you visit - a special arrangement may be possible.