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Farvergården - exhibitions about life in Kerteminde in the old days, as well as a cozy café, courtyard and shop

Discover the history of the town of Kerteminde
At Farvergården there are exhibitions on three floors. Life as a craftsman and fisherman in Kerteminde is a mixed subject. The museum also has a mini-cinema showing films from Kerteminde recorded in the period 1938-1962. See i.a. the film "Amanda and the student", where the Kerteminde girl Amanda shows the student from outside Kerteminde around.

In addition, there is also an exhibition that is particularly aimed at children aged 5-10. Here, Marie and Johannes take you to the Kerteminde of the 20th century and tell you about the conditions as a child back then.

Visit the Museum garden
Behind Farvergården there is a beautiful courtyard – an idyllic breather in the middle of the market town. There you will find a nice calm in the middle of Kerteminde. There are many pleasant places in the garden, which are laid out according to old traditions with perennial beds, bordered by low boxwood hedges.

Here you can also enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee from Farvergården. Then it can hardly be more peaceful and beautiful.

Try your hand at a Vältepeter
The brave can have a go at the tumbling peter that we have standing in the garden. It's not as easy as you might think! Especially not on the topped cobblestones.

The museum shop
Farvergården's shop is full of fun and old-fashioned goods. Three steps up from Langegade, you go back half a century in time. At Farvergården, we strive for a product range that reminds us of the middle of the 20th century. We have lots of gift ideas, books, toys and useful and decorative items.

Enjoy a cup of coffee at our cozy café tables facing the street or take the coffee out into the garden.

Information about access conditions and availability at the museums
The museum's premises in a 17th-century building place some restrictions on the use of the building for disabled people. A handicap-friendly entrance from the garden side has been established; this gives access to the ground floor with i.a. museum shop and café, but the 1st and 2nd floors are only accessible via stairs.

Opening hours:
see https://ostfynsmuseer.dk/farvergaarden/