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Fanefjord Glass

Gallery Fanefjord Glass is an offshoot of Fanefjord Glass, which was established by Helené Sandegård and Per-René Larsen in 1984.

For Helène Sandegård, the focus has always been on creating pictures. Materials are of secondary importance, and until 1992 she was also actively working with cold glass.

For Per-René Larsen, the point of departure for establishing his workshop was a fascination with hot glass and a desire to combine good craftsmanship with good design. This business still exists, now with Per-René as its only asset and with a production that is limited to a smaller assortment of articles for everyday use. These are sold on-site.

Over time, the focus of the gallery has increasingly moved towards pictoral art, and it is currently exhibiting a selection of collages, drawings and paintings by Helène Sandegård.

Pieces on display by Per-René Larsen include works of sculptural hot glass and mixed media. Over the past few years, these have been supplemented with large outdoor installation projects.