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Experience Havtyren Nature Playground | Play and Adventure in Liseleje

Havtyren is a wonderful natural playground with plenty of activity options for children. The playground is located in Liseleje on the way down to Liseleje Beach.

HAVTYREN is a large natural playground in Liseleje with many play equipment.

There is a swing, a slide, a zip line, balance beams, monkey bars, and a covered house where you can have your meal, and then there's HAVTYREN itself that you can climb on... if you dare!

Note: The zip line is currently broken, and repairs are pending.

This beautiful play universe is nestled between the dense treetops of the forest and the enchanting northern coast. Liseleje's unique coastline with dazzling sandy beaches and the roaring sea provides an inspiring backdrop for the natural playground, allowing children's imaginations to run wild.

The Legend of HAVTYREN

According to legend, the farmers stole some sea cattle from HAVTYREN, which then came ashore and ploughed up the sand, causing sand drifts to cover the entire Tibirke area.

Opening Hours

HAVTYREN is open year-round and can be found in the small forest on the right-hand side when driving down towards the beach in Liseleje.

Nearby Attractions

Liseleje Beach, with its fine sand and water, is just 200 meters away. Right across from HAVTYREN, you can satisfy your hunger. You'll find Lisestuens Ice Cream Parlor and Lisetuen's Café & Burger bar here. For children, there is a small track with electric cars. Along the main street in Liseleje, you'll find shops, cafes, restaurants, and a bakery.