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ENIGMA - Museum of Communication

Enigma is the museum of communication in Copenhagen with changing exhibitions on the subject.

Enigma was previously known as the post and telecommunication museum in Copenhagen. However, with their re-opening of the museum in February 2023 added the word communication to their name to kickstart new exciting conversations and largen the perspective of communication today.

The museum has different changing exhibitions concerning communication and its role in today's society. In the basement, you can find the museum’s permanent exhibition called Arcadeum. Arcadeum is an interactive exhibition that will take you on a trip back to the gaming arcades from the 1980s. The exhibition unfolds in a boy’s room from the 80s, which sets the mood for the historical, cultural product, the computer game. Here you can relive or explore machines like the Commodore, the Playstation, the Nintendo, or the Gameboy. The arcades are free and can be entered straight from the streets.

The Enigma Museum is for everyone. However, the museum feels a special responsibility towards children and young people as they grow up in a highly digitalized world. With the exhibitions, the museum wants to start a conversation about digital behaviour and how to navigate digital communication. The exhibitions are designed to activate their guests as much as possible, while one is created especially for children from 3-10 years.

The museum also showcases the oldest Enigma machine in the world, which was in use during World War II.  

The museum is located in an old post office building, which has recently been renovated inside, with neighbours Trianglen metro and the lively Fælledparken.