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Enghavegård Cheese factory & Farm shop

Enghavegård is a small family cheese-making operation that produces a number of popular and tasty cheeses which, with a few exceptions, are Danish types. The farm shop also has a large selection of cheeses from other Danish producers and from abroad.

We produce unique cheeses, mainly based on red chalk. The cheese dairy is constantly working on developing new cheeses with a focus on craftsmanship and ageing. The whey that is separated during cheese production is used as feed for the farm's free-range organic pigs. After slaughter, the meat is refined into exciting cured sausages, smoked products and long-aged hams.

All this takes place in our own sausage-making and smoking oven on the farm, and the products are stored in earth chambers.

At Enghavegård you will be able to see the pigs frolicking in the fields, take a look at the production and visit our farm shop.