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Emm's Knives - Handmade in Denmark

We produce handmade knives for use in the kitchen as well as for hunting and outdoors, both forged and not forged. Preferably according to individual wishes. Each knife is unique.

We also make the handle by hand from wood and other materials. We like to use wood and metal extracted from other useful objects and finds.

We are very interested in sharing our knowledge and, not least, skills for this old craft with others. If you are interested, we would like to offer a blacksmithing / knife course for smaller groups (2 people).

Our product range is continuously expanding and at the moment we work with epoxy products and manufacture small tables. In the future, it is also something we will give courses in, but right now we are taking one thing at a time.

As we originally come from Germany, we do not speak perfect Danish, but we take lessons and practice diligently, on the other hand, we are quite good at English. Our website is currently only in German.

We will be pleased if we have piqued your interest.

Steffi and Marko