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Denmarks Tractor Museum

The museum's exhibition consists of a wide range of exciting and unique Danish and foreign tractors manufactured between 1915 and 1970, maintained and painted as if they were brand new.

The Danish Tractor Museum in Eskilstrup on the northern part of Falster is an impressive old 3-storey building dedicated to the history of agriculture and technology.

The museum has an almost complete collection of the Danish-made Bukh tractor with prototypes and special editions, as well as 9 stationary Bukh engines from 1925-1937. The museum also has larger collections of Bolinder-Munktell, Volvo, International and Ferguson tractors.

The tractor collection provides a broad picture of the range on the Danish market, as well as a few that have never been used in Denmark.

Along with the many agricultural machines, the museum also tells a piece of post-war history about how a condition of Marshall Aid was that tractors were now imported from USA.

In addition to tractors, the museum also features a number of engines and a steam engine from 1901.

The museum's striking building is also quite interesting in itself. It was built in 1918-1919 as a seed cleaning centre and is therefore suitable for storing heavy items such as tractors. The building was the first on Falster to use reinforced concrete for the construction of the basement.

The museum welcomes larger groups throughout the year by appointment. See the website for activities and opening hours.