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Den Blå Bro - The Blue Bridge in Randers

Take a fascinating journey through time when you explore The Blue Bridge, Den Blå Bro, in Randers. This architectural treasure, which once served as a railway bridge for the Grenå Line, boasts an impressive structure. Located near Justesens Plæne and Randers Regnskov, the bridge is a living symbol of the city's industrial heritage and history.

An Interesting History

Step into the past and imagine the intense activity that once took place on this bridge. The Grenå Railway was the heart of transport in the area and the Blue Bridge was a crucial link across the Gudenå River. The bridge was built in 1900 to replace the previous wooden bridge that was inaugurated in 1876.

The Blue Bridge today

Today, the Blue Bridge invites you to take a leisurely stroll, enjoy the beautiful river landscape and catch a glimpse of history. Immerse yourself in the moment and reflect on the significance of the past while being mesmerised by the breathtaking views.

Practical Information

Location: The Blue Bridge is located at Justesens Plæne, near Randers Regnskov.
Opening hours: Open to visitors all year round.
Admission: Free for all.

Explore The Blue Bridge in Randers and dive into a world of history and beauty that still shines with pride in the light of day.

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