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De Gyldne Gemakker

De Gyldne Gemakker - Art and giftshop

Visit the store "De Gyldne Gemakker" located on the gravel road up to The Medicin Gardens in Tranekær.
Here in the old feed master's house, we have arranged a cozy shop with inspirational jewelery art from Janne E Design,
as well as exciting antiques, local products, plates and plantations, various delicacies and selected art.
Here you can also change your old jewelry to new ones, eg by remelting, inserting the stones or other ideas needed to make an old (eg inherited) piece of jewelry for your own personal style. (For production of new jewelry please order time in advance at Janne on mobile: +45 23 81 37 20)
Outside the store is the Café Orangeriet, which serves: lunches, cake, coffee, desserts, homemade ice cream cones, etc. (Note only from Easter - September 1st, then follow on the facebook page)
Opening hours;
From Easter open Fri, Sat, Sun and public holidays 11-16
From July 1st to September 1st, open ALL days from 11-17

We are registered BIKE FRIENDS