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Dark Sky Workshop on Mandø

Experience the night on Mandø, Dark Sky Park, one of the darkest places in Denmark.

Join us on a guided tour through the darkness of the night to capture the beauty of the night sky.

Accommodation and meals are offered in Mandøpigen and transport is by Mandøbussen/tractor bus.

Experience the starry sky like never before with Dark Sky workshops on Mandø.
Located in one of Denmark's darkest areas, Mandø is the ideal place for a Dark Sky Park. With its unique position on the Wadden Sea, Mandø is an integral part of an exceptional natural area that offers more than just an escape from the light pollution of modern life.

In these workshops we focus on photographing the night sky, where you will have the opportunity to capture the unforgettable view.

With the guidance of an experienced photographer, you'll learn the best techniques to capture the beauty of the stars, so you can capture impressive images of the night sky.

This is a unique chance to develop your photography skills and bring home a piece of the wonders of the universe.