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Copenhagen Local Walks - Industry transformed

Embark on this guided audio walk through the living history of the Copenhagen Nordvest neighbourhood.

During industrialisation, this once-rural part of Copenhagen transformed dramatically with the establishment of factories producing goods for the entire country, providing jobs and housing for many workers.

From the 1970s, however, many factories were forced to close due to lower production costs abroad.
The industry that once thrived and shaped the area left the neighbourhood with worn-down factories and buildings. In recent years, however, low rent and affordable square metres have attracted creative businesses and small vendors passionately dedicated to their local community and heritage.

Explore this vibrant neighbourhood where traces of industry linger, and the atmosphere is lively and urban. All you need is a smartphone and an appetite for adventure - have fun!

Stories: 18
Length: 4.4 km.
Duration: 2 hours