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Christinero - Nature area

Enjoy the beautiful and impressive garden which is over 300 years old. Christinero is full of history and also contains the coffin of the gardens founder. 

Come along for a historical walk to Christinero and hear the story of the special garden, created by chamberlain’s wife Christina Friederica von Holstein in the late 1700s.

In the garden there was peace and time to enjoy the nature and reflect on life.

The garden was full of ambiance with its small fountains from natural sources, a watermill with figurines working a saw, bowers and hermit dwellings, as well as a pavilion created as a Greek temple.

Today, the garden complex has developed into a small forest with many old trees. For visitors with children there is room to play.
There is also access to the pavilion and the nearby cooking house, where food and drinks can be served.

Christine Friederica von Holstein called the garden "My Thoughts". The chamberlain’s wife was drawn to the spirit and thoughts of the Moravian Brethren.
Only after her death in 1812 the garden was named Christinero. The chamberlain’s wife was buried in her beloved garden and today you can visit her grave in the bag of the garden.

From Christinero there is a trail through Smedeholmskov to Tyrstrup Old Rectory with the 300 year old wooden barn.
The barn was built in 1668 and is the largest and most well-preserved wooden barn still standing in the place it was built. The barn is made of oak and is preserved.