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Christian Estrup

Discover how exciting an artist's creative process can be.

In the open studio, you can see and experience a selection of Christian Estrup's works: expressive canvases, works made from driftwood and wreckage, and old wood painted with quotes and proverbs - works that exude a coastal atmosphere, with strong personality and character.

The local artist opened his studio in Knudsen's old yarn shop at Æ Tysk'havn in Hvide Sande in 2020 and has used it as a fascinating backdrop for his creative work ever since.
Christian Estrup likes to work with recycled and maritime materials and endeavours to incorporate sustainability into all his processes.
Common to all his works is a penchant for worn, weathered and washed-out surfaces. The expressive paintings contain countless layers, and as a visitor, it is particularly exciting to see the canvases during the process.

Characteristic works are also the decorative wall fish, which can be found in many different variations in private homes, holiday homes and around various businesses.

Opening hours vary throughout the year, but when the flag is out, you are always welcome.