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The Carmelite Monastery

The Carmelite monastery and Sanct Mary's Church is one of the best preserved medieval monasteries in Northern Europe.

The monastery was founded in 1430 when Eric of Pomerania invited Carmelite monks, the so-called white brothers, to Elsinore. The construction of the monastery was started shortly after that. The monastery burned in 1450, and the church and monastery stood completed in its present form around 1500.

After the Reformation, the monastery was in 1541 converted into a hospital and retirement home. In addition, the monastery in Elsinore housed the Latin school and in the 1800s served as a retirement home for the needy. Since 1991, the monastery buildings have acted as an administration building for Elsinore municipality and meeting rooms for Sct. Mariae parish.

The monastery can be visited on pre-booked guided tours; please contact the church office on tel (45) 4921 1774.