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Camping on Samsø

Samsø’s unique nature creates the perfect setting for those who want to spend the holidays in either tent, caravan, camper or cabin

Three of Samsø’s four campsites are located with the sea as the nearest neighbour. On Samsø’s east coast, where two of the campsites are located, you can enjoy your morning coffee accompanied by an unbeatable sunrise while on the west coast you can have your dinner in the glow of the sunset.

The island’s newest campsite, surrounded by fields, is located in the middle of a large holiday resort. The sites are spacious havens, no bigger than you can experience the Danish cosiness at close range. Common to all the campsites is the fact that they are run by hosts who have had the sites for years.

The hosts will give you personal service, and their knowledge of Samsø’s many peculiarities is always available to their guests.

On www.visitsamsoe.dk we have collected the possibilities to stay at a camping on Samsø

At each camping, you can read more about the different places, see pictures, prices and more.

Contact the camping directly to book your accommodation on Samsø. There is a link to find the various bed and camping’s websites.

Please note that you can not book your accommodation on Samsø through VisitSamsø.