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Bygholm Park

Quite close to the centre of Horsens, there is a beautiful and well-kept park with activities for everyone. The old manor park is one of the city's favourite destinations for families with young children and nature-loving city dwellers.

The green breathing space of the city

Right behind Horsens Station, quite close to the bustling life of the city, you find this large, peaceful park. There is room for relaxation and cosiness in this charming bit of nature. Impressive old trees, several small lakes and open, well-planned lawns characterise the landscape and provide the perfect setting for cosy times spent outdoors. And there are plenty of green zones where you can enjoy your packed lunch or the view.


A paradise for children

If you grew up in Horsens, you would definitely have childhood memories of Bygholm Park. A large and inviting playground serves as excellent bait for the little ones. Here, the young ones can frolic for hours while their parents sit at the tables benches where it is also possible to barbecue. The park is also home to a new nature playground with a 200-metre long nature playground

The park's many ducks and geese also bring joy to the little ones and, in winter, the natural skating lake is a magnet.


The old manor house

The park is found by the beautiful manor house Bygholm, whose history dates back to the 14th century. Today, the building serves as Hotel Comwell Bygholm Park.

Near the manor you can find the remains of Erik Menved's Castle. The old medieval castle is long gone, but remains of the rampart can still be seen. You can climb the small hill and read about the history of the place.


Play a game of disc golf with your friends

Scattered around the park, there are disc golf baskets that are free to use. You can borrow equipment at Comwell Bygholm Park and try a fun and different activity.


Let your dog off the leash

Bygholm Park is a nice place to walk you dog. And you can let it off the leash in the fenced dog forest and let it play with other dogs.


Also, visit the lake Bygholm Lake

At the edge of the park, you find the forested area Åbjergskoven Forest and Bygholm Lake which has one of the most popular hiking routes of the area. Take a walk in the forest or embark on the 7-kilometer-long charming walk around the lake while visiting Bygholm Park. The combination of the well-kempt park and the natural forest by the lake provide a formidable nature experience.