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At Butlumgaard, you can go on an alpaca walk with the our alpacas. Bring the whole family and also experience all the other cute animals on the farm.

Experience everything from wallabies (kangaroos) to peacocks, pygmy marmosets, and of course, our alpacas.

Join us for a delightful walk while you enjoy the calm demeanor of the alpacas and the nature surrounding you.

Slow down completely and spend time with lovely animals in safe, picturesque surroundings.

You'll find us on the outskirts of the village of Vollerup, about 20 minutes' drive west from Aabenraa.

For appointments or further information, contact Butlumgaard at phone number 28 94 61 13.

Or visit our website at www.butlumgardalpakawalk.dk or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/butlumgaardalpaka.