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Brørup Swimming Pool

Have a dip in Brørup Svømmebad (outdoor swimming bath) and enjoy an afternoon with water fun in the pleasant warm water at 27 degrees C.

Actually, our water is just as warm as the water in the swimming baths already from the beginning of the season, regardless of the weather. The air is just as fresh as on the beach and you escape the sand everywhere and the children are clean when you come home! If you visit the swimming bath on a chilly day, you will experience what it feels like when the water is warmer than the air!

The outdoor swimming bath has two pools. The children’s pool has a depth of 0,9 m at the lowest end sloping to a depth of 1,2 m. Here you find a blue water slide at approximately 2,5 m with a single turn. The older children prefer the yellow water slide at 4 m with a lot of twists and a rather steep grade which raises the speed. It leads to the big pool which has a depth of 1,2 m at the low end, at the string across the pool the depth is 1,5 m. This is followed by a steep slope and at the middle of the deep part the water is 3,2 m deep. The strings across the pool show where the water gets deep. The floors of the pools are covered in tiles.

You also find diving boards at 1 m and at 3 m, a diving platform at 2 m and many playthings free of charge: Balls, mats, snakes, water wings, swim belts and diving rings.

The area around the pools is laid with grass where you are free to lie or to sit on the benches and at the tables to enjoy your meal. Please bring along your own blankets and big bath towels.

A life guard is present during opening hours and 15 minutes before closing time the life guard will blow his whistle to make everybody go to the changing rooms.

During the afternoon children wanting to play and swim have a first claim to the area, but if you want to take a long swim, we can reserve a swimming lane for you. In the morning, the pool is divided into swimming lanes. The water quality is controlled regularly according to current rules.

Child-friendly change of clothes
In our newly restored changing rooms you find good shower facilities and a baby bath tub. The flooring is anti-slip, also when you carry a child. There are bath mats for the children to stand on while showering.

Our kiosk sells ice cream, sweets, crisps and soft drinks. Next to the swimming bath you find a service station offering fast food – our visitors are welcome to go there. Due to safety consideration, no alcohol is allowed in the area.

The swimming bath was built in 1955 and the original flagstones and benches were maintained when the bath was restored. Next to the swimming bath there is a volleyball court – balls are lend when paying a deposit.