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Brick Kiln in Hillerød - Unique Events at the Edge of the Forest

Unique and historical settings with the forest as a neighbor – Tailored activities and gastronomy for your event. At the Brick Kiln in Hillerød, you are welcomed into charming surroundings. There is space for every occasion, whether it's the company event of the year or dreaming of a wedding celebration in rustic and unique venue.

The Brick Kiln's space is truly unique. The old raw, rustic, and industrial kiln invites very special events in a historical place.

The kiln is the heart and accommodates 65 guests. The lounge is a relaxed space with natural inspiration, soft furniture, and coziness for 20 guests. The cafe is the focal point for 20 guests. The outdoor oasis accommodates up to 100 guests and welcomes the sun all day.


  • Largest meeting room: The Kiln for 65 guests, 250 m2.
  • Number of breakout rooms: 6 – Kiln front, Kiln back, Lounge, Cafe, Outdoor, Tent.
  • Projection with speakers, screen, and HDMI.
  • Number of meeting rooms: Up to 6 persons. Total number of guests: 150 persons.
  • Parking: 400 free spaces.
  • Distance: 50 meters to the forest.
  • Unique Hospitality

You can look forward to a truly unique hospitality with endless possibilities for activities and catering. The Brick Kiln thrives to create experiences, both through good hospitality and fantastic nature experiences.

What you get at the Brick Kiln is something special – a backpack filled with experiences that are shared, inspired, and shaped by your participation. The place has a "chill" approach but pays attention to detail, and you feel it clearly when you host your event at the Brick Kiln.

Nature in Focus

The people behind the Brick Kiln are nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and outdoor and mountain bike instructors. They love exploring the forest in various ways and are happy to invite your company to a special, local, and sustainable nature experience.

Make use of the beautiful surroundings

The location is right next to Gribskov with all its possibilities, offering activities such as guided mountain bike and gravel cycling tours, running, hiking, yoga, mental focus, breathing, and climbing. All these experiences are offered as team building for your company event.

Sleep well – Out in the forest

There are no accommodation options at the Brick Kiln, but they are happy to assist with your forest accommodation in connection with the event.