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Bregninge Church

Bregninge Church is one of the Danish churches with the most visitors. It is beautifully situated atop Tåsinge, and from the tower, there is a fantastic view over the South Funen Archipelago and Svendborg.

At first glance, visitors believe that the church is of more recent origin. The year on the west side of the tower is 1883, which deceives most people into thinking that it is the year the church was built. However, the church is originally a whitewashed medieval church, built on a foundation of granite and with walls of rough-hewn split stones.

Inside the church, you can still see the original white split stone walls.

Like most medieval churches, Bregninge Church has evolved over many years. The church, choir, and nave were built in split stones around 1100, probably as a replacement for a wooden church. There likely was a sacred site for Thor at the top of Bregninge hill, where Bregninge Church now stands.

Right next to the church, you'll find Tåsinge Museum.