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Børnenes Trafikskole - Mobile traffic school for children

We want children to gain an understanding of traffic rules through play and movement, so that they are motivated to drive safely in traffic.

Børnenes Trafikskole wants to reach as many people as possible with a focus on better road safety and understanding of each other in traffic.

That is why we have put together lessons that have been developed to meet the educational requirements of the individual age groups.

For our events, you will have the opportunity to put together educational and fun events based on our many different elements, such as our many inflatable bouncy castles, electric car tracks, electric scooter tracks, bicycle tracks, mascot shows, workshops, obstacle courses, balance tracks, etc. or our new concept Bumleby, which is available in many different event sizes (Mini Bumleby, Bumlebydag, Bumlebyland, Children's Party in Bumleby, Christmas in Bumleby).