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Blindes Arbejde: Crafting with Heart and Hands

Step into the Blindes Arbejde shop in Aarhus and discover a world of craftsmanship created with love and dedication. Here you'll find brushes, brooms and handwoven textiles made by blind and visually impaired people - and you're invited to be part of this unique experience.

A Sensory Experience

When you visit the Blindes Arbejde shop in Aarhus, you will often meet one of the blind craftsmen who will be happy to guide you through the many handicrafts. You'll also often have the chance to peek into the workshops where brush binding, broom pulling and chair weaving unfold in a symphony of sound and tactile experiences.

Sustainability and Quality

The products, from kitchen to children's room, are characterised by timeless elegance. Pure functionality combined with modern details characterise the simple design that pleases the eye and feels good to the touch. Natural materials and certified wood, primarily beech wood, are emphasised, and over time it also develops a beautiful patina.

Craftsmanship with heart

Blindes Arbejde is more than a shop; it's a registered social enterprise and 65% of the dedicated team are blind or visually impaired, using their hands to create crafts of the highest quality. Since 1929, they've been moulding meaningful work and creating long-lasting products.

Sustainable Focus: Support Local Craftsmanship with Global Awareness

Blindes Arbejde is dedicated to the use of FSC and PEFC certified wood and plant fibres, while their yarn is sourced with GOTS certification. The craftsmanship is characterised by an awareness of resource consumption, resulting in sustainable products.

Responsible Craftsmanship

At Blindes Arbejde, they also reupholster chair seats and offer repairs, which supports responsible consumption. Through upcycling textiles and leather, they create new products that reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable focus

The shop Blindes Arbejde is a member of Go Green Denmark and Social Enterprise World Forum - People and Planet First. This is their pledge to be part of a movement towards a more sustainable and socially responsible world.

The organisation is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 8 on decent jobs and economic growth, Goal 12 on responsible consumption and production and Goal 17 on partnerships for action.

The workshop is open 8 am - 5 pm daily and on Saturdays during store opening hours.

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