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The Black Geomuseum

Dive into an exciting world of geology at The Black Geomuseum in Gedser. Discover a unique exhibition of local and global geological finds, including rare fossils, rocks, minerals and amber.

Welcome to The Black Geomuseum: A World Below the Surface

The museum's collection includes examples of fossils and rocks from large parts of the world, and the exhibitions are structured so that visitors get a good insight into the geological time periods.

Explore themed exhibits, including fossils found locally on the coast of Falster and the Baltic Sea area, as well as rocks and minerals from Greenland and the enigmatic flint. The local geological exhibition shows fossils and stones that have been brought to Falster either by the sea or by the ice ages pushing the stones over great distances. Particularly noteworthy are the many fossils and stones with animal prints from Sweden and Norway.

The museum's extensive geological collection includes a 2-billion-year-old rock, a 35-million-year-old petrified tree trunk from Egypt, colorful minerals from around the world, and a beautiful garnet from India called the "North Star." The exhibitions are supplemented with five short films about Gedser Odde, fossils, volcanoes, flint and amber.

Children are very welcome at the Black Geomuseum, and there are always small tasks for them, such as painting on stones, drawing and quizzes. Visit the Geo Shop, where you can buy colorful stones, fossils, and books on geology. Also try your luck in the geofishing pond. Let yourself be enchanted by the fascinating world beneath the surface!