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Biking: Limfjord Route in 6 days - 194 km

Experience the Limfjord Route by bike. A 6-day journey covering 194 km through Denmark's stunning fjord landscapes. This circular tour starts and ends at the same location, offering flexibility to customize the route and featuring crossings of the Limfjord and beautiful Danish scenery. Perfect for those seeking adventure and beauty on two wheels.

Days: 7 days (6 days of cycling)
Route: Limfjord Route
Length: approximately 194 km

Customize the route to suit you: This route is circular, which means it starts and ends at the same place. Therefore, it's possible to change the starting point to another stop on the route. If you prefer a shorter cycling trip, it's also possible to shorten the route, for example, by starting in Aalborg. From Aalborg, there are two options. The first option is the route towards Hals, east, which is a 2-day trip covering 75 km. The second option is from Aalborg towards Løgstør, west, which is a 4-day trip covering 119 km.

Description of the route: The Limfjord Route is approximately 600 km long in total - on this tour, you will experience 191 km of it. When cycling the Limfjord Route, you'll have the opportunity to experience beautiful Danish scenery and a large connected fjord system with bays, stretches, and sounds. The number of kilometers per day varies from 23 km to 42 km. Along the route, you'll cross the Limfjord twice, at Aggersund Bridge and with the Hals-Egense Ferry.

Arrival day: Hals On the day of arrival, you have the opportunity to explore the charming little harbor town of Hals. Here, you can see the large whale jawbone that spans over one of the town's streets or explore among the small fishermen's houses where the street "Lille Jomfru Ane Gade" is located.

Suggestions for accommodation in Hals

Day 1 of cycling: Hals to Aalborg (approximately 39 km)
The first day of cycling is one of the longer ones at 39 km. The bike route moves along pleasant country roads along the Limfjord and towards Aalborg, where there will be some kilometers along busier roads. Upon arrival in Aalborg, there is a wide range of accommodation options, as well as a vibrant city li

Suggestions for accommodation in Aalborg
Experience Aalborg

Day 2 of cycling: Aalborg to Skovsgård (approximately 42 km)
The second day of the bike tour moves out of North Jutland's capital and towards the town of Skovsgård. Along the route, you will, among other things, experience cycling in a Natura 2000 area and over the Gjøl Dam. Cycling on the dam is a special experience as you are surrounded by water on both sides of the road. 

Suggestions for accommodation in Skovsgård

Day 3 on the bike: Skovsgård to Løgstør (approximately 23 km)
The bike route from Skovsgård to the Mussel town of Løgstør is one of the shorter distances of the bike tour. Today's bike ride crosses the Limfjord via the architectural Arch Bridge, Aggersundbroen.

Experience Løgstør

Day 4 of cycling: Løgstør to Nibe (approximately 31 km)
On the bike ride from Løgstør to Nibe, you will, among other things, experience cycling through Vår Skov and catch a glimpse of a memory from the past at Sebbersund. The Viking Age's largest trading place is located in Northern Jutland in the form of Sebbersund Viking Village. There aren't many traces left today, but for those interested, it can be a small experience.

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Experience Nibe
Viking Village

Day 5 of cycling: Nibe to Aalborg (approximately 23 km)
On the outskirts of Nibe lies Vokslev Limestone Quarry, which is a natural history experience you can enjoy before the day's bike ride begins. Vokslev Limestone Quarry is a national geological interest area managed by the Danish Nature Agency. Here, it's possible to explore the old quarry, and if you're lucky, you can find sea urchins, water lilies, bryozoans, or brachiopods. The day's bike ride ends in Aalborg, where you can explore the city.

Suggestions for accommodation in Aalborg
Vokslev Limestone Quarry
Experience Aalborg

Day 6 of cycling: Aalborg to Hals (approximately 36 km)
Today's bike ride is the last on this route. The route goes from Aalborg towards Egense, where you cross the Limfjord with the Hals Egense ferry to return to Hals. The bike ride alternates through open landscapes and small towns along the Limfjord. If you're up for a slightly longer bike ride, it's possible to take a detour and experience Lille Vildmose. Upon arrival in Hals, you can choose to stay another night or return home the same day.

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