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Bike trip: Around North Jutland in 6 days - 176 km

Experience the beauty of Northern Jutland on a 6-day bike tour, where you'll cover approximately 176 km along stunning routes such as the Limfjord Route, East Coast Route, and Ancient Road Route. Start and finish in Aalborg, and enjoy the flexibility to customize the route according to your preferences, with the option to extend stages to experience more in fewer days. Explore the charm of Aalborg, cross the Limfjord, enjoy coastal landscapes, and experience the beautiful nature and culture of Northern Jutland along the way.

Days: 6 (5 days on bike)
Route: Limfjord Route, East Coast Route, Ancient Road Route.
Length: approx. 176 km

Customize the route for you: This route is circular, which means it starts and ends at the same place. Therefore, it's possible to change the starting point to another stop on the route. If you'd like to cycle longer stretches, you can also skip a night's stay and cycle two stages in one day.

Arrival day: Aalborg
On the arrival day, it's possible to go out and experience the small city vibe of Aalborg and feel the city's unique atmosphere. If you want to start your vacation with a good dinner before the 5 days on the bike, Aalborg offers many gastronomic dining experiences.

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Day 1 on bike: Aalborg to Hals (approx. 36 km)
From the bustling life in Aalborg, the first day of the tour moves along the Limfjord Route towards the east coast, alternately through open landscapes and small towns. When you arrive at the town of Egense, which is located right at the corner between the Limfjord and the Kattegat, there's a little ferry ride in store. From Egense, you cross the Limfjord with the small Hals-Egense ferry to land in Hals.

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Hals-Egense Ferry

Day 2 on bike: Hals to Voerså (approx. 31 km)
Today's bike ride from Hals follows the East Coast Route up to Voerså. Here, the route moves through open landscapes, along country roads, parallel to the East Coast and the Kattegat. Along the route, there are several places where you can take a dip in the sea. If you want to extend the day's bike route, you can combine today's route with day 3 and cycle all the way to Frederikshavn.

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Day 3 on bike: Voerså to Frederikshavn (approx. 30 km)
The bike ride from Voerså to Frederikshavn continues along the East Coast Route, with a view of the sea for most of the journey. Midway, you cycle through Sæby, where you can take a detour and have a delicious lunch before continuing the bike ride towards Frederikshavn. Upon arrival in the coastal town of Frederikshavn, you can go out and experience the city, which has its own special atmosphere; thanks to its maritime history, idyllic location, and raw aesthetics. If you head towards Pikkerbakkerne, from the unique platform, you can get the best view of Frederikshavn.

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Enjoy the view from Pikkerbakkerne

Day 4 on bike: Frederikshavn to Hjallerup (approx. 58 km)
From cycling on the East Coast Route, the bike ride now moves onto the Ancient Road Route. This stretch is the longest on the route at approximately 58 km. Here, you will experience cycling along a long stretch of Dronninglund Storskov, which with its 961 hectares offers a nature experience beyond the ordinary. You encounter Dronninglund Storskov about halfway through the route, and it's a cozy place to have a lunch break.

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Day 5 on bike: Hjallerup to Aalborg (approx. 21 km)
Today's bike ride is the last and shortest stretch at 21 km. The route continues on the Ancient Road Route, starting from Hjallerup by moving through open landscapes to a stretch through the forest. The closer you get to the destination and Aalborg, the more you will sense that you are soon back in the small capital of Northern Jutland, Aalborg.

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