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Bike route, Vejen South

A 19km biking-route, where you cross Kongeåen, in the landscape and in the history. Starting in the city of Vejen the route is heading south of Kongeåen, along the river and back to Vejen.

The route starts at Vejen Sports center, where there are a parking opportunity. The route is varied and it has a few long hills. There are great break opportunities along the route, with views and insights.


- Sportcenter Denmark / Vejen Sportscenter

- Vejen City and Vejen Church

- Vejen Art Museum

- Knagemøllen

- Kongeåen

- Skodborg

- Lokes høje, barrow at Københoved

- Friheden, the house at the bridge Frihedsbroen

- The monument park Skibelund Krat

- Skibelund Boarding School