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Badehotel Harmonien

Beautiful and authentic seaside hotel located in the centre of Ærøskøbing.

Located in the centre of Ærøskøbing, Badehotel Harmonien was built in 1850 and is one of the few traditional Danish seaside hotels still in existence. The hotel is located on the beachfront and here you can enjoy your holiday in comfortable surroundings. The decor is simple with elegant Italian details, the rooms are bright and many of the rooms have a fantastic view over the water.

Start your day with a refreshing dip in the sea and then enjoy a delicious breakfast of Italian specialities on the beautiful terrace, which naturally faces the sea. In the evening you can enjoy a tasty Italian dinner and spend time reading or playing board games with the other guests.

The hotel also has a beautiful garden where you can enjoy the sunny days and the sound of the sea. The beautiful decor and stunning location invite you to relax, calm and balance.

Badehotel Harmonien is perfect for couples, families and larger groups. There is a large theatre hall perfect for parties, meetings, conferences and concerts.