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Ausumgaard v. Maria and Kristian Lundgaard Karlshøj

On a hill along the main road between Struer and Holstebro lies the manor Ausumgaard, which is operated as a modern, ecological farm, where, among other things, special Ausumgaard pigs and stone-ground flour from its own fields are produced.

Ausumgaard, owned by Maria and Kristian Lundgaard at Karlshøj

Everyone is welcome to visit the Ausumgaard pigs at Villemoesvej 10, 7560 Hjerm. Here, they live a large part of their lives in an orchard, where they have plenty of space under the open sky, shade from the trees, and lots of soil, roots, and fallen fruit to enjoy. When the pigs are about 18 weeks old, they are moved to a barn with plenty of space, deep bedding, and access to outdoor areas.

In our small shop by the main road, we sell both our own meat from welfare pigs, as well as vegetables and flour, but also other local specialties such as fish, beef, groceries, and so on.

Meet us at Facebook – www.facebook.com/ausumgaard or visit us at the annual events where the farm is open for visitors.