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Åtte Bjerge

The hills of Åtte Bjerge, rising steeply from Kongeådalen (stream valley), used to be covered with heather. The changing cultural influences, however, have changed the area quite a lot.

Large sections of the hills are now picturesquely overgrown wiht oak, birch, mountain ash, whitethorn and fir, with an undergrowth of ferns and blackberries.
The varied conditions of the soil and humidity are ideal for the varied vegetation and wildlife. Dry slopes alternate with moist swamp, and in the middle of it all, a dammed lake.
Of the old heather hills Flaghøj is the only one is left. This hill represents the highest point in the area (58.9m above sea level). From this point you will have a good view of Kongeådalen (stream valley) and on a clear day Ribe Cathedral will be visible to the Southwest.