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Art exhibition: ÅH, GUD

The first exhibition "ÅH, GUD"

About the Sugar Hall and the First Exhibition

At the beginning of 2024, Jørgen Strøjer, Palle Johansen, and Jim Lyngvild bought the 1,500 sqm. large raw building in the middle of Assens. Over the coming years, the Sugar Hall will transform from the raw remnants left by the sugar factory in 2006 into Assens' new innovative cultural centre.

The first exhibition "OH, GOD" opens to the public on Saturday, May 18th.

In the heart of Assens, a new light shines on the divine as only Jim Lyngvild can shape it. The exhibition is not just a collection of images; it is an in-depth journey through the landscape of the soul that provokes, touches, amazes, and enchants. Jim Lyngvild has taken the next step in his artistic journey and now welcomes both photography and artificial intelligence as partners in his quest to capture the incomprehensible. With one foot planted in tradition and the other stretched towards the future, he continues where he left off in Faaborg Church, but with a new focus and a new ambition.

This exhibition is more than just a presentation of religious motifs; it is a question that challenges our notions of who Jesus really was and how we see him today. Jim Lyngvild questions the traditional portrayal of Jesus and encourages us to reflect on how our personal faith shapes our perception of the divine.

Join this journey into Jim Lyngvild's church art and let yourself be amazed, provoked, touched, and enchanted. For in this sacred space, art opens the door to new perspectives and invites us to explore our own patterns of faith and doubt.

Learn more about the exhibition and the Sugar Hall here, where you can also purchase tickets.



This is a special exhibition, and the Sugar Hall is still raw and unfinished as a cultural house. The ground floor can be visited by everyone, but unfortunately, the disabled and those with mobility issues cannot access the first floor.