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Agri Bavnehøj trail in Mols Bjerge

The trail at Agri Bavnehøj in Mols Bjerge in Djursland ensures beautiful scenery from start to finish. The trail is just one of many where you can get a fantastic view of Mols Bjerge.

Along the way you can experience and get information about: Agri City and lake, Landbrugslandet, Ridehesten, The striped hills, Agri Bavnehøj, Mols Bjergevej, Hulvejen, open pastures and hills with berries and fruit.

Information about the trail

Start your tour at Agri Bavnehøj Vej 5A. The route is a total of 5.8 km and you end at the same place as you started. The difficulty level of the route is moderate, but the path is not handicap-friendly, as the terrain is very hilly and the paths are bumpy in some places. The route is also marked with yellow triangles.

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