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Activities at the Queen's Watertower

Throughout the year, the Water Tower is open. Locals will exhibit their works inside the tower. Come by and experience the exhibitions and the Water Tower.

For you who want to exhibit: If you have something on your mind that you would like to show to others, you can borrow the Queen's Watertower for free. In completely unique settings, you can display your paintings, works of art, poems, photographs - whatever you are passionate about to the delight of the visitors. Below you can see the possible dates to exhibit.

Book a spot at: kulturfritidogturisme@nyborg.dk 

For you as a visitor: Look forward to exciting activities in the beautiful Queen's Watertower on Nyborg ramparts. Common to all exhibitions is that the exhibitor will be present. So in addition to seeing an exciting and inspiring exhibition, you can also have a chat with the person behind the individual works. At joint exhibitions, the artists' presence can be spread over the entire opening.

Individual exhibitions in the Queen's Watertower

The overview for exhibitions in 2024 is continuously updated.

Week 20: Available
Week 21: Available
Week 22: Available
Week 23: Available
Week 24: Available
Week 25: Available
Week 26:
Not available
Week 27: Danehof - World-class Medieval Festival
Week 28: Danehof - World-class Medieval Festival
Week 29: Available
Week 30: Available
Week 31: Available
Week 32: Available
Week 33: Available
Week 34: Available
Week 35: Available
Week 36: Available
Week 37:
The exhibition "Wood and Paper Energies"
Week 38: Available
Week 39: Available
Week 40: Available
Week 41: Available
Week 42: Available


Nyborg Water Tower
The water tower stands on the Queen's Bastion and many years ago ensured the water supply for the entire city. You can get all the way to the top and look out over the historic Nyborg Rampart. The water tower dates from 1899 and is listed.