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Aarhus Ø - Aarhus East

Aarhus Ø is a newer district in Aarhus that was created after an idea competition was organised in 1999 to develop the urban harbour areas. Around 400,000 square metres of the North Harbour were transformed into a vibrant urban district.

Architects Knud Fladeland Nielsen and Peer Teglgaard Jeppesen won the competition, and thus began the journey for the area we know today as Aarhus Ø.

The transformation of the urban harbour areas

Aarhus Ø is an urban area under constant development, located in the centre of Aarhus on the former container port in the northern part of the harbour. Formerly known as De Bynære Havnearealer, the area is now becoming one of the city's most attractive and modern neighbourhoods.

Housing and workplaces

Aarhus Ø is planned to house between 10,000 and 12,000 residents and around 10,000 jobs, spread over a total of 800,000 square metres of floor space. This makes the neighbourhood a dynamic mix of residential and commercial areas.

Mixed residential composition

To ensure a socially mixed neighbourhood, it was decided that 25% of all housing should be public housing that is affordable for people with a regular income. This creates a diverse and inclusive neighbourhood.

The development starts

The first physical changes to Nordhavnen began in 2007, when Aarhus Municipality worked to raise the piers to withstand higher water levels. At the same time, the mouths of the canals were constructed. Aarhus Ø now consists of several islands connected by bridges, creating a unique and coherent urban structure.

A vibrant urban area

Aarhus Ø combines modern architecture with recreational opportunities and maritime environments. The impressive skyline, dominated by buildings such as Isbjerget and Light House, symbolise the innovative character of the area. The harbour promenade, marina and harbour baths offer relaxation and activity for residents and visitors alike.

Aarhus Ø is becoming one of Aarhus' most exciting and dynamic neighbourhoods, with a mix of housing, workplaces and recreational areas, offering a vibrant and diverse lifestyle for everyone. Visit Aarhus Ø and experience a district in constant transformation, where the harbour areas of the past become the urban spaces of the future.

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