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Aalborg Streetfood - Køkkenfabrikken

Aalborg Streetfood is the first permanent Streetfood market in Aalborg. Here, local produce and gastronomic experiences are in focus. The market is located on Skudehavnen in the western part of town.

Aalborg Streetfood has gathered 16 different cuisines from around the world, in order for you to get an authentic experience. In addition to this, you can find cafés who offers coffee, cold drinks and everything in between.

The goal is to create an oasis, where quality and a cosy atmosphere are the framework for the first and largest Street Food market in Aalborg. In the middle of the maritime atmosphere, the market is located on Skudehavnen in the western part of town. 

Gastronomic treats

At Aalborg Streetfood , the different kitchens have gathered inspiration from cuisines all around the world. The kitchens serve up dishes from DKK 50 a piece, to make the experience affordable for students and families with kids.

The Lighthouse is located in the old furniture factory, Boform, where the old raw furniture makes it possible for the market to serve 600 people. The outdoor maritime sphere makes the thought of a to-go meal a pleasant one.

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