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Aage Würtz Keramik

Would you like to attend a pottery course with two of Denmark's most skilled and recognized ceramic artists? Gitte and Aage Würtz have decades of experience, and with a course from them, you are in the best possible hands whether you are a beginner or have previously had experience with pottery.

Learn to make pottery from one of the country's most talented ceramic artists

The surname Würtz is likely familiar to many pottery enthusiasts - even internationally! Aage Würtz comes from a family of skilled ceramic artists and has extensive experience in production and teaching dating back to the 1970s. Together with the equally skilled Gitte Einshøj Würtz, he offers pottery courses with individual throwing instruction from his 175 m2 studio and workshop on Smedegade, centrally located in Horsens.

The courses are two-day courses, six hours per day, with a maximum of three students at a time. This is done to ensure maximum learning for each student, who can look forward to individual instruction and coaching throughout the course.

The course can be tailored to individual needs if there are specific requests for content.


Aage Würtz - Danish design at its best

Aage Würtz's passion for pottery dates back to the 1970s, when he started as an apprentice. He was, among other things, an apprentice to his sister Marie Würtz, who today owns the shop/workshop Pottemageren in Juelsminde. In the 1980s, he started his own business but was hit by a growing trend of people no longer wanting unique earthenware, but instead, white, uniform porcelain. Therefore, Aage Würtz chose to take a break from pottery. However, in the 1990s, times changed, and he started the company KH Würtz with his son Kasper Würtz. The company achieved considerable popularity and developed the service that has become a signature for Restaurant Noma, among others. Today, Kasper owns KH Würtz, while Aage Würtz sells his own collections, which are sold by selected art dealers, including Art'M in Horsens. The art is created in the workshop on Smedegade, where the courses also take place.
All of Aage Würtz's ceramics are unique creations made entirely by hand using old-fashioned wheel-throwing techniques. They are functional pieces such as teapots, cups, vases, and bowls with a fantastic glaze and a beautiful play between colors.


Upcoming courses

Keep an eye on Aage Würtz Keramik's web page, where upcoming course dates will be announced. You are welcome to contact Aage Würtz by phone or email to find a date for your course. The participation fee is DKK 3,500 per person, including materials.

New creations are also regularly posted on Instagram. Please feel free to contact Aage Würtz if you are interested in purchasing a product that would fit perfectly in your home.


Visit the workshop

Contact Aage Würtz Keramik if you would like to visit the workshop on Smedegade. There are no specific opening hours, but the workshop can be opened by appointment. If you visit the workshop, you will have the opportunity to see some of the newest pieces and maybe even witness the creation of a unique piece of art.


Historic hotel or stunning B&B?

Do you need a place to stay in Horsens during your course? There are many options, including hostels behind bars, historic manors, and palaces. On this page, you can find the perfect accommodation for you near Horsens.