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103 horses and 1 boat trip - for the whole family!

It's time for a relaxing day of fun for the whole family - with horses and donkeys and a trip in a rowing boat.

  • Take a guided tour of Denmark's largest horse boarding centre Nyt Hesteliv
  • Ride hobby horses at Nyt Hesteliv
  • Enjoy a picnic at Langesø
  • Rent a boat and enjoy a boat trip on Langesø
  • Enjoy an ice cream from the ice cream parlour by the lake

Before you leave home, pack a delicious packed lunch with some of your favourite things. You can also pick up delicious berries and fruit from one of the many farm shops.

Start the day with a guided tour of a horse sanctuary. Nyt Hesteliv (New Life for Horses) is Denmark's largest horse sanctuary, which every year rescues dozens of horses and donkeys and gives them a better life. You can meet many of the animals on the guided tour, where you'll also hear about some of the animals' stories and the daily work with the animals and rescues. Afterwards, you can go for a brisk ride on a hobby horse on the cross-country jumping course or the riding arena. Nyt Hesteliv has hobby horses for hire.

In a rowing boat on Lake Langesø

After a couple of hours of horse fun, head towards Langesø Forest, which is a 5-minute drive from Nyt Hesteliv. On the way, you can swing by Shell, where you can book a rowing boat on Lake Langesø.

When you arrive at Langesø, find a cosy spot where you can enjoy your packed lunch before starting the boat trip.

Then hop into the boat and enjoy Langesø and the forest from the lakeside, and after a good time rowing on the lake, you can end your cosy day with a delicious ice cream from the ice cream parlour by the lake. It doesn't get much better than that!

Have a great day!

Practical infos:


You can park at Nyt Hesteliv, located at Søndersøvej 144, 5462 Morud. At Langesø there is a large car park at Langesøvej 146, 5462 Morud.

How to book

To join a guided tour at Nyt Hesteliv, you must sign up at info@nyt-hesteliv.dk or +45 2635 5865 between 10-16. At Langesø, the boat must be booked at Shell, Rugårdsvej 765, 5462 Morud +45 6596 4299.


You can use the toilet at Nyt Hesteliv, and there are also toilets at Langesø that are open when the ice cream parlour is open.